Friday, April 25, 2014

Church of St. Anne- Jerusalem

Near the Biblical- Pools of Bethesda
 is the Church of St. Anne.

Church of St. Anne

It is a Crusader Church built in the 12th century,
 and located in the Muslim Quarter near the Lion's Gate.
 It was erected over a cave believed to be
 the home of Mary's parents.
The structure was built between 1131 and 1138,
and incorporates the rock grotto
 into an impressive church.
It serves as a great example of Romanesque architecture.
In 1192, when Saladin and the Mameluke army
 captured Jerusalem, they turned the church
 into a Muslim theological school.
Later it was abandoned, fell into ruin,
 and the Ottomans donated it to France in 1856,
 when repairs were undertaken.
St. Anne's Church- Jerusalem

The acoustics in the church are world renown,
 as it was designed for Gregorian chants. 
Visitors are permitted to sing religious songs here -
 and we did just that.

Psalm 98 is a beautiful praise to read here.
"Oh, sing to the Lord a new song!"

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