Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Maundy Thursday- The Upper Room Jerusalem

Christian tradition now designates the space
 above King David's Tomb
 as the possible site of Jesus' Last Supper.
Matthew 26:17-29
Mark 14: 12-25
Luke 22:7-38
 Today this space is actually a large hall. 
Three large pillars divide the room into three naves.
The Gothic architecture indicates this room
 was probably built
 by the Franciscans in the 14th century.
This area of Jerusalem- Mount Zion, 
was where most of the new Jewish converts
 to Christianity lived during the first century. 
This site also commemorates where the disciples
 were gathered when the Holy Spirit
 descended at Pentecost- 
Acts 2:1-3

The Room of the last Supper was part of the
 Holy Zion Church built in 300 AD,
 and the Crusader Church built on its ruins in the 12th century.
 The 14th century church was built on this church,
and then during the Ottoman
 rule it was converted to a mosque.

Though we cannot really say- 
"this is the place of the Last Supper"-
 we can sense the memorable encounter 
that the disciples had with the One
 who would soon offer His life for the sins of the world.

What is true of so much of Jerusalem ----
 the mix of faith traditions- Jewish, Christian and Muslim.
the blending of Old Testament and New Testament-
 marks this site on Mount Zion.
This site- Mount Zion- 
is located on the southern part
 of the Old City in Jerusalem.
 Jewish and Muslim tradition designate Mount Zion 
as the place where King David was buried.

A building most likely built as a
 Judeo- Christian synagogue
 during the Roman period is identified as his burial site.

 It contains a large stone monument, 
placed there by the Crusaders, 
that is draped in a velvet cloth.

King David-
David's death and burial in the City of David
1 Kings 2:10-11

It is really about the relationship we reflect on-
this Maundy Thursday.
Our faith is not tied to a place, a stone, a building.
It is tied to the One who saves us-
 who offered His own body and blood
 for the salvation of all!

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