Friday, May 2, 2014

Doorways- Jerusalem

along the Via Dolorosa

Looking for Crosses became  the journey in Jerusalem

I think I have not appreciated the symbol
 of the cross- REALLY-
until visiting Jerusalem.
When visiting a part of the world
 that does not value this symbol or even despises it-
it makes me better understand that this shape-
and what it means-
is the meaning of EVERYTHING

Doors of every color

beautiful wooden doors

doors of all shapes

in the Muslim section

Doors that shutter and protect along
 the busy vendor streets in Jerusalem

How do we mark our homes and where we live?
Is there the sign of the cross?
Does this symbol set apart the space
 where we live and breathe?
How do we mark our neighborhoods?
Can people drive by and see
 that this is where a Christian lives?
Perhaps a thought to bring back
 to our Western neighborhoods-
cross centered and 
cross connected
living for the sake of others.

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