Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jerusalem Archeological Park

The Archaeological Park covers the area
 from the Temple Mount on the north,
 the slope of the Mount of Olives,
 and the Kidron Valley on the east,
 and the Valley of Hinnon on the west and the south.

Showing Robinson's Arch in the diagram in an artist's rendering
 to imagine what it looked like-
the Arch remains are on the wall on the left side wall

Visitors to the Park follow events
 spanning some 5000 years,
 beginning with the Canaanite (Bronze Age)
 and continuing through the days of the Israelite monarch
 in the First Temple period. 
The splendors of the Second Temple 
and the impressive architecture of King Herod,
 dating to the second half of the first century BCE
 are a key element in the park. 
The remains and monumental structures dating
 to the Christian and Muslim periods are clearly visible.
The Spot for Robinson's arch

 It continues to be challenging to put things into perspective -
 just how OLD these formations are-
what it might have looked like - way back then-
and how the 1000's of years that have passed - 
have changed the 
way to see how life may have been

Temple Excavations near the Dung Gate

As we were reminded often- telling the history of this area includes destruction and reconstruction.

Rick Ricart - founder and CEO of Imagine Tours and Travel-
a dedicated and gifted leader who works
 to bring Christians to the Holy Land

The Huldah Gates are the two sets of now-blocked gates in the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount, 
situated in Jerusalem's Old City. 
 ( as seen in the post- The Southern Steps)

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