Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A World According to GOD

Currently reading this book-
 A World According to GOD-
 Practices for Putting Faith at the Center of Your Life.
by  Martha Ellen Stortz.

Thinking about how I live my life so often-
 according to me.
Dwelling on these thoughts
 from Ron Hansen's forward---

This imitation of Christ-
 that is the call of discipleship
upsets the status quo.

The world is made strange
 by seeing things as Christ did.

Imitation means faith practices that relinquish the old.
Practicing the steady and intentional acts
 of kindness, generosity, and beauty.
Paying attention to all the nuanced 
incarnations of God in the vagaries of our 
haphazard lives.

Perhaps these practices that bring us closer to God 
 begin to shape our world and how we respond to the crisis-
 big and small that moves unbidden into our daily life.  
This- keeping close to Jesus, allows His presence
to pattern our lives.
This relationship gives us the lens to
view the world from His perspective.

Stortz says:
In the time Jesus spent here on earth,
 He lived in a world according to God.
We can still see it, if we stop to look.
The disciplines of discipleship resurrect the view.
We begin to set aside our own desires,
 in this shaping and forming, and reforming.

It gives me the opportunity to reframe 
my world-
to set aside my will, heart, and mind.
And tiny piece by tiny piece,
each breath responds to the call-
Follow Me.

For in this quiet spot, 
I am reminded that this 
discipleship is not a matter of choosing, 
but of being chosen.

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