Friday, June 20, 2014

Faith Milestone- Baptism-2

A new little one changes everything within a family system.
 New relationships happen 
and parents begin a life-long journey of parenting.
A seasoned parent knows from the very beginning- 
it is the tension of holding close and setting free-
at the same time and forever.

In this very new and fragile bond-
we learn the heart stretches of LOVE.
But, as good as this IS-
God has an even richer desire for the children He loves.

We arrive in this world carrying the "original sin"
 of the Fall in the Garden of Eden.
But, God did not leave us in this state without a plan.
He redefines the meaning of FAMILY.

 For in a wider context,
 God moves aunts and uncles and cousins
into mentor roles.
Encouragers and prayer-partners.

Baptism at the same time affirms the earthly bonds,
 and extends a relationship
 with a larger community of believers.

Siblings can form a network
 to live out the faith in the day in and day out
 struggle of highs and lows.

We are baptized into the body of Christ.
 We are His hands in the world.
We join God's "family business".
We adopt family values that allow us to be used 
here on earth to extend the Father's work into the world.

Here-Four generations come together
 to place this child
in the arms of a Heavenly Father who will-
 always be Faithful.
When we fail on a daily basis to
serve, live and be the children of God
in response to our own Baptism, 
we are held close by the God who saves us.

Baptism alters what we understand as
Baptism bonds us to the Father in heaven,
 to the Brother who died and rose from the dead, 
and we are empowered
 by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

For even though we understand baptism as a sacrament,
 it is a daily sacrament.
We may begin each day, 
by "remembering our baptism."

It is the invitation offered daily to-
"Follow Me."
Freely given, never earned.
Always God initiated in the calling.
It becomes a circle journey of discipleship-
returning again and again to the invitation.

And so a family comes together
 to give thanks and praise
and celebrate.

A new child of God is welcomed by 
 a community of believers.
We are joined together as the families of this little one-
to walk together in the newness of life with
Griffin Joshua.
For this GIFT- we give thanks.

"Therefore we were buried with Him through baptism into death, that just as Christ was raised form the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life."
Romans 6:4

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  1. So beautiful, Connie. Thank you for sharing such personal and precious moments in your life. Your writing reminds me that every moment in life is God-graced, God-purposed and should be spent by drinking in thanks and joy at all times.


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