Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dessert Dreaming- Oreo "Freak Out"

I don't really post much food things here-
 especially with-- like a recipe……
 We have a saying in our house that
 what ever you eat in our home
 is probably a once in a lifetime experience. 
The likelihood that the same exact things
 would be in the refrigerator at the same time again----
 is probably slim. 
Don't really make many desserts any more
 with just the two of us….
But, when the troops are slated to show up,
 and at least 2 of the 3 son-in-laws
 are ice cream fiends, well ……

My mom had a recipe for an ice cream treat
 called "Oreo Freakout". 

 I have often made this to satisfy
the ice cream cravings. 
 Then Pinterest arrived. 
And "Freakout" sort of became
 "Freakout" on steroids.
And some additions were made.
Coupled with the fact that I am always rushed
 a bit in the kitchen…. oh- OK, I am a lazy cook.

So one night about 12:30 AM
 and I was trying to get this done to go to bed…..
and this is what was in the larder.

Sort of the Recipe:

Getting ready to make this?
 Earlier in the day- pull a Reg size
 Low-fat Cool Whip
 out of the freezer into the refrigerator.

Layer ice cream sandwiches
 on the bottom of a 9 by 13 pan…..
 (think you used to be able to use 12 sandwiches
 but they have really made them smaller
 so might need a couple more)

Spread one carton softened ice cream-
 this one was Vanilla with Heath Bars.
(You can use any flavor here)

Then take whole oreo cookies
 and push into the ice cream- 
Like a grid, fairly close to each other.
(OK - it was late 
and I was too tired to crush them up)

Drizzle one jar of Hot fudge sundae topping
 over the top- 
( warm in the microwave for maybe 30 seconds
 or so till it pours easily - but don't burn it)

Place the pan - covered- 
in the freezer till morning.

Next am-
 Spread the Cool Whip over the top
 of the set ice cream layers. 
Then sprinkle at least a half bag
 of Heath pieces over the top,
 and place in freezer for about 12 hours.

Well, to let you know just how "forgiving"
 this concoction is----
 I asked one of the dear daughters
 to put it back in the fridge. 
And she did. 
So imagine 12 hours later
when I went to the freezer
 for the grand reveal of the dessert
 for all those who had been waiting--
 and there it was- right in the fridge.
The refrigerator part- not the freezer.
    Well, good sports all around,
 we ladled the dessert into bowls
 and sort of slurped it up
 and put it back in the freezer. 
 Next day it was good to go…
 even if the layers were a bit askew. 
Tasty…slanted….. and no…
 the name of the daughter will not be revealed. 

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  1. Any one of these ingredients alone...but altogether? Delicious! I would have said, "fridge" too. I'm just that good in the kitchen. Our home is more of a, "one time thing" as far as dishes go. How do you think this would say...Nebraska? Yum!


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