Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ocracoke Island and Hurricane Arthur

On the day before the projected arrival
 of Hurricane Arthur- 
we quickly tried to get in all the things 
we wanted to do- 
in case our vacation time was cut short.
After the Hatteras Lighthouse-
it was time to check out the island of Ocracoke.

The free ferry takes you from Hatteras Island
 to Ocracoke.
It's run by the North Carolina Ferry system.
Because of many shallow areas-
 the trip is not a straight shot- 
takes about 45 minutes to get there.
Plus plan on a wait line for the ferry
 both ways in the summer months.

A view from the water

ripples and rows of waves

A little bit of the history------Google Image

Once on land again,
 it was time to feed the hungry crew.
Something iconic to fit the bill of island life.

A great place to eat on the island- 
where stories abound about
 the ties to the pirate- Blackbeard- Edward Teach.
Ocracoke is where Blackbeard met his death in 1718.
He was killed by British
 Lieutenant Richard Maynard of the HMS Pearl.

Our view while eating super FISH TACOS
 and outdoor dining at the Jolly Roger Pub.

Big and little friends

Some cool rides here in Ocracoke

Sought after transportation
 is really the two wheel variety.

A laid-back community and ready for the 4th of July.
 There are about 1000 full-time residents on the island.
The economy is supported almost totally by tourism.

The Ocracoke Lighthouse has been in
 continuous use since it was built in 1823.

The inlet that is part of Ocracoke Island--------------------Google image

Much more to see on this little island
 but we just kept getting side-tracked.
We did comply with the mandatory evacuation
 of Hatteras Island the next day.
And Hurricane Arthur roared in,
The hurricane was the first
 to make landfall in North Carolina
 on record this early in the season,
 dating back to 1851. 

NC 12 and some of the Hurricane Damage-
 the bridge to Pea Island--Google Image

The previous record was July 11, 1901.
Arthur was also the first Category 2 hurricane 
to make landfall in the U.S. since Ike in 2008.
The worst effect from Arthur
 was the sound-side flooding
 Friday morning July 4, 2014,
 on northern Hatteras Island, 
along with Roanoke Island and the Dare mainland.

Last report things are up and running again,
 the crowds have returned,
 and this spunky island
 goes back to "Island Life" living.
And once again the seas have been calmed- 
by the Master.

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