Monday, August 11, 2014

eformation- Create and Curate

#7 in the eformation Series

At the eformation conference one of the
 helpful insights for tending, 
and monitoring the world of digital social media
 is understanding the two basic formats
 for sharing information.

Without content,
 not very much can happen socially online.
There needs to be content that generates 
what digital strategists call engagement, 
or interaction.

 who develop content- photos, stories, videos
and then SHARE.

who scroll through
 vast amounts of the internet-
filter, promote, edit, analyze, credit,
and then SHARE.

Although the Christian world
 is certainly planted firmly in the digital world,
the masses do look to their churches and leaders
 to help them 
wade through the massive amount of information
 available in today's world.
Who is their trusted resource?
Church leaders- you are influential, 
whether you have picked up that title
 in the social media world or not.
Your lack of engagement only sends members
 looking elsewhere.
A social media void in your online presence speaks -

Meridith Gould in her book The Social Media Gospel,
has wonderful help for both churches and leaders
 to steer them into the digital sharing age.

At the conference, Meredith stated that the conversation
 is no longer-" Should we be on Facebook?", 
but "How do we integrate our social media presence?"
"How do we measure our success?"

The reason for having a digital social presence
 is NOT to get more people sitting in the pews.
(though that CAN happen)
It is NOT to simply promote event,
 after event, after event.

"In the world of church,
 we need to create and curate content
 in the joyful hope of sharing the Gospel, 
ministering to others, and developing community,"
 says Gould.

Where in the world are you?
How do you (or your church)
 interact with your neighboring area?
What is THAT story?
How do you navigate living as Christian
 in a non-Chrisitan world?

Gould explains: "In the world of social media,
 quality social media content
 action that's Christ-centered and anchored
 in Gospel values. 
With a reverential nod to St. Paul the Apostle,
 social media content does not boost, it is not proud,
 it is not rude, it is not self-seeking,
 and does not delight in evil,
 but rejoices in the truth (1 Cor. 13:4-6).

Gould offers some guidelines for quality content- 
both created and curated.

Will it enhance your
 audiences' knowledge,
deepen their understanding,
strengthen their faith,
 stimulate conversation, 
and build community?

If you are contemplating entry, or
are in the process of creating
a strategy plan
 in the social media world-
the next post gives some guidelines
 about your presence.

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