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eformation- Kingdom Impact Pinterest

#4 in the eformation Series

Bringing Gospel Light to the World of Social Media.
Telling the story of the journey of Kingdom Impact Pinning.

Kingdom Impact Pinning began in January 2012.
  I invited Peg Green, the wife of another pastor
 on staff at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
 in Springfield, Virginia,
 to come over and listen to a "wild idea"
 that was keeping me up night after night.

I had been listening to the stories of young moms
 who were excited about this new social media tool
 and how it linked them to usable resources
 for their family life.
But, when I checked out the sites,
 they were questionable in doctrine, 
practice, and leadership.
So I began to search for sources designed
 and created by our own church body and leaders.
And could not find anything.
If I did, the images were not in "pinnable format."
I had to use Amazon as a resource,
 rather than our own Publishing House.

What might happen if we began to create
 our own push on the internet?
 As a team, working together, 
to accomplish a purpose greater
 than our single endeavor? 

So, two women began a covenanted group
 who would be thoughtful and faithful in:
Who we followed,
 What we pinned,
 When we made comments, 
Where we led others,
How we used our words.
 We would work to give credit to resources,
 look for other Christian pinners, 
and choose to pin Faith-filled things as a first priority.
 We would arrange Faith boards
 in the top two lines of our Pinterest Boards-
 in the Prime Real Estate.
We want others to follow us
 because we know who we follow- Jesus.
We want to lead people to Him.
We, individually, with our own likes, 
interest, friends, and personalities gather followers.
We love followers because we KNOW 
that in our flow of visual images they will be:
 see Bible verses,
 know that the Creator of the Universe is Lord,
 see what faith-filled family living looks like, 
and be connected to other disciples of Jesus.

Isn't that what a harried, 
overwhelmed world wants to see?
Isn't there another way to live in this world?
We may be distanced from each other by miles, 
time, and personal commitments.
 But, we can be connected in a way
 that builds community with a purpose- 
for the sake of others.
It is not about how much time
 we spend on Pinterest that matters. 
It is that there is a focus on God's Kingdom,
 something beyond the here and now world, 
and how you choose to live your one life well.
It is about what we can accomplish together,
 with the help of the Holy Spirit,
 that we could not do alone.
With a history of 2 1/2 years we have learned a few things.
We are:
 exploring what it means to be
 deployed staff as missionaries to the world.

learning that global connections are simple and easy.
(Google translator changes the language of a blog post.)

praying that God uses our efforts to further
 His metanarrative plan for the world.

We have:
 served as encouragers to other Christians.

welcomed others with varied gifts,
 talents, and interests.

 discovered resources
 we never would have thought to"Google".
(the move from a search culture to discovery culture)

helped seekers to make Christ connections.

drawn a picture of what it might
 look like to be a follower of Jesus.

seen an upswing in the number of male followers.

connected to businesses, churches and schools
as followers.

The team currently includes 25 pinners
 from across the United States. 
This blog post from March 2013, 
has the links to all of the team member's sites.
Kingdom Impact Pinners

Today as we team together,
 we have over 23,500 followers, 
so that others may have a glimpse
 of Good News in a dark world.
Want to be part of the team?
 Let us know. 
Join the HOPE.
 See the Possibilities.

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