Wednesday, August 13, 2014

eformation- your online PRESENCE

#8 in the eformation Series

Wading into the write, like, publish, share and
 comment world online takes a bit of
getting used to the rhythm of digital media.
It can have a life of its own.
That can be good and bad-
in the networked super highway.

My dip into the blogging world
 happened nearly five years ago. 
My early connections were some personal blogs 
that were more like spewing,
 ranting and raving discourses and I quickly left that- 
vowing never to return.

Then, when the visual world
 began to catch up to the written word-
I was drawn in, and hooked.

 Looking for the stories of online PRESENCE-
 that brought HOPE, HELP, 
 with words of encouragement.

Surely someone was online
 already offering that voice?
Women writers…
single and married…
mommas and not…
on the journey?

It has been a daunting task
 to discover where they are…
to listen for their heart…..
On the right side of my blog is-
The list of some blogs worthy of following, 
that have a spiritual forming purpose.
They are in order of their most recent posts.

Not all female. Not all Lutheran.
But valid, and valuable voices
 for reading
 and listening
to their small pieces of life-learned lessons.

What I have learned in the three years
 of online presence-
is that it is VERY IMPORTANT to decide-
 HOW I will be online.
 Not fake, but always with words that build up, 
and never tear down.
The careful voice of mentoring
 given to 3 daughters growing up,
 applies here online too.
Grace always,
  the beginning and end, in all things shared.

There are always multiple points of view.
 What is one piece of information
 that might change how we see another's story?

the picture of this transformative journey
 that we have been on since our Baptism?

And finally- do my words bless others?
No other posture is worth the time, energy,
 and space
 in my daily conversations
 or the ones that fill the internet.

 Our spiritual formation
 impacted with digital connections 
is eformation.
be Christlike,
 bless others, 
encourage and build one another up.

 Don’t use foul or abusive language. 
Let everything you say be good and helpful,
 so that your words will be an encouragement 
to those who hear them.
Ephesians 4:29  NLT


  1. Love your writing! Just flows with your thoughts. Blessings to you today! :)

    1. thank you MIchelle for the encouraging words!

  2. Will my words bless others? Definitely the right question to ask. I found early on that I needed to separate my family blog from my writing blog- what blesses teh grandmas might annoy readers who are looking for some devotional encouragement!

    Keep writing!


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