Sunday, August 31, 2014

Here and about- Greenfield Village-- Part 2

Late summer is a great time to visit here
 when everything is in full bloom.

a bit about this Village:
The Henry Ford is a large indoor and outdoor
 history museum complex and a
 National Historic Landmark
 in the Metro Detroit Suburb of Dearborn, Michigan.
Named for its founder, 
the noted automobile industrialist
 Henry Ford, and based on his desire 
to preserve items of historical significance
 and portray the Industrial Revolution, 
the property houses a vast array of famous homes,
 machinery, exhibits, and Americana.
 The collection contains many rare exhibits
 including John F. Kennedy's presidential limousine,
 Abraham Lincoln's chair from Ford's Theater,
 Thomas Edison's laboratory, 
the Wright Brother's bicycle shop,
 and the Rosa Parks bus.

Our outing day included mostly walking by
 and viewing some of the homes and shops
 moved to the Village.

This home also has much of the original furniture

 of the Wright family

 set up exactly how they used it.

The Wright Brothers Bicycle shop
They built the plane they flew at Kitty Hawk
 in the back of this shop.

This plane was assembled in pieces
 in the back of the bike shop.

This was so amazing----
 still thinking about this and the time line
 for their genius.

This house was built on land owned
 by Stephen Foster's father and moved here in 1934.

Also included in the Village are:

 Luther Burbank's office,
the growing up home of Noah Webster,

the Logan County, Illinois Courthouse where Abraham

 Lincoln practiced law,

a replica of Thomas Edison's Menlo Park

 laboratory in New Jersey

 and Robert Frost's home. 

Auntie Jess and Griffin

for the delight of a day here

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