Saturday, August 30, 2014

Here and About- Greenfield Village- Dearborn, MI.- Part 1

The Cotswald Cottage- 
GreenfieldVillage- Dearborn, MI
A piece of England brought to Michigan
You can't go wrong headed here
 for Tea on a beautiful afternoon.
(full tea- $12 per person)

especially if it means spending the time
 with daughter Jessica
and her nephew- Griffin

Where iconic still lifes have formed
by moving the homes or pieces of American History 
to one location to be enjoyed by many folks

When a century melts away in the blink of an eye

This working farm still tills the soil and reaps the harvest

The windmill waits for stirring breezes.
The park also has:
The Cape Cod Windmill, also known as the Farris mill,
 is considered one of the oldest in America. 
It was originally built in 1633 on the north side of Cape Cod.
 It was moved several times around Cape Cod
 until it was gifted to Henry Ford from the Ford Dealers Association, 
and installed in Greenfield Village in 1936.

And water stills the day
 for feeding geese along the edge

As yellow tilts the sunshine meter to full tilt.

When a walk across a bridge
 melts away the years

Check out more info about this
 Historical Family place to visit:
the henry ford village

Next post: some of the historical places gathered here

A special thanks to Linda Torbert Meier for making this outing happen for all of us.

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