Friday, September 26, 2014

Bible Marginalia- Informational and Formational

#2 in the Bible Marginalia Series
(layers here are called "tip-ins"
and are added to the page-
 but simply lift to read all of God's Word on this page-
more about them in upcoming posts)

Most of my life has been framed
 with interaction with God's Word in Bible Study.
In fact, that is the title often used when people 
gather together to learn more about this sacred text.

About six years ago, I began to learn a bit 
about reading God's Word with a different focus.
This does not make the first one wrong, 
it simply has a different focus and process.

The informational process works with facts,
 history, cross-references,
 and all the things brought together 
in our efforts to master the text.

The formational process might focus on reading 
and rereading the text within the context of :
What phrase stands out to me in this reading?
How can a lesson here be applied to my life right now?
What is the Holy Spirit helping me to see in this reading?
It becomes allowing the text to master me.
To be shaped by the Word.

Simple Bible Marginalia- journaling.
 Using colored pencils, 
and a fine line Sharpie.
The one that says "no bleed through" 
works the best on the thin pages found in many Bibles.

About 15 years ago I began
 to take my own Bible for worship,
 rather than using the one provided in the pew.
It was the place for sermon notes, 
 prayer thoughts, and tracking what was happening 
"in real life."
I need the cognitive- "head knowledge"
 approach in the study of God's Word.
I also need the contemplative, meditative
approach as God's Word changes my heart.

As I have learned more about Bible marginalia,
the mantra remains- 
it is process- not product.
And when the marginalia becomes even more 
"visual," that is a grace reminder.


  1. You KNOW how much I love seeing your stuff. It's so much like mine....keep up the great blog! It starts my day thinking of Him first.

  2. Paula, I have been waiting for the right time to share your work---- think either as part of this series or the Keep the Faith series---- will let you know


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