Tuesday, October 7, 2014

75th Anniversary Celebration Southeastern District- LCMS

The Processional Cross

This processional cross gifted to the 
Southeastern District of the LCMS
 is crafted in memorial of the Christian brothers
 and sisters of Iraq and Syria that died
 for their confession that Jesus Christ
 is the Son of God, 
the Lamb of God that takes away
 the sin of the world.
  The materials were donated
 by Dr. Benjamin Harrison Allen.
  The white oak, black walnut, 
and wild cherry trees grew on his property
 for just over 75 years.  

Three types of wood were used to symbolize
 the three regions of the Southeastern District: 
Northern, Central and Southern.  
When studied closely, each type of wood
 forms a distinct cross, and yet,
 when viewed from a distance, 
the three form but one cross. 
 Each region of our district serves communities
 and neighborhoods deeply influenced
 by their histories and the many cultural traditions
 that settled and are continuing to settle there.
  Yet, our mission is one:  
Proclaim the love of God that expressed itself
 most profoundly in the cross that Jesus Christ
 bore and sacrificed His holy life upon
 2000 years ago. 
This cross was created by Rev. Denton White,
 the pastor of  St. Paul Lutheran Church,
 Whispering Pines NC and
 St. James, Southern Pines, NC. 
He has given all of us in the Southeastern District
 the processional cross used to celebrate the 75th anniversary of our District.
 He found the trees, shaped the lumber, 
designed and made the cross. 
We give thanks to God for Denton 
and his amazing artistic ability and the way
 he as used it to give honor and glory to Jesus.
 Denton says,
  “I was almost complete with the finishing process 
when I noticed that the cherry wood
 I used on the outer edge,
 because of its irregular grain,
 almost resembled flames.
  Oh, may our God make us burn with desire
 for His cause in the lives of others 
and with sincere, child-simple love for Him.”

Part of the Celebration for the 75th Anniversary 
for the Southeastern District- Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.
Praise the Lord!

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