Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bible Marginalia- Connecting Word to World

#4 in the Bible Marginalia Series

Still not sure just what
 this all means to write in your Bible? 
 Some helpful thoughts here-

Desecration or consecration?

So- I believe that the interaction
 I have in my Bible
 is devotion and consecration
 and not exhibition or desecration.
Even though some pages 
may be shared here in this place-
 it is done to invite others to the journey
 and not to justify or 
bring personal affirmation.

Everyone needs to make sure they are comfortable
 with how they enter into the process.
I grew up with "not writing" in my Bible.
But, today my Bible shows a very different journey.
It is the intersection of
 God's Word
and my World.

Lisa Nichols Hickman does a great job in her book-
Writing in the Margins 
of explaining this intersection of Word and World.

This is the horizontal plane of our everyday  living.
 These pages go back to notes from 1999 
and then the shooting of the 
Virginia Tech students on 4-22-07. 
A note was made here of the verses
 that my husband and I printed onto a card and
 sent to the students from our church where we served
 that attended Virginia Tech.
His Word meeting us in our World.
The vertical praying of us to God-
and His Word alive today for us.
And a prayer from 8-2014 
for our children and spouses and my siblings.
These pages are the intersection of prayer and living.

I recently came across this Word Art
 done by Jenifer Jernigan.
jenifer jernigan
It is offered freely for personal use.
I simply printed it out - (some editing to get this size)
and added it to the 
Visual Worship as I look at Psalm 91.
These words highlight my prayer time
 when I see these pages.
This intersection of Horizontal- Living
 and Vertical- Prayer forms a cross. 
That is certainly where all worship 
connects for us as Christians.


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