Friday, October 3, 2014

Bible Marginalia- Your personal IEP

#6 in the Bible Marginalia Series

However we may become connected
 to Bible Marginalia-
 whether it is sermon notes, a prayer, 
words that are touching your spirit,
or a visual to highlight a Bible verse-
 each journey will be different.
We all start in a different place, 
and the order will be as life unveils for each of us.
 It is like my personal IEP- Individual Education Plan.
Holy Spirit Designed and Holy Spirit Scripted.

When we returned from our pilgrimage
 to Israel in Jan 2014, 
I wanted to spend time reading in one of the Gospels.
 I chose the Gospel of John.
Then a couple of weeks later,
 I saw that Ann Voskamp was inviting all
 to join her in the memorization of specific verses
 from the Gospel of John
 over the course of the year- 2014.

I printed them up and made them into a little booklet.
Propped them on the window sill above the kitchen sink.
Then mid-summer, as I was reading the book-
Writing in the Margins,
 I thought it would also be helpful 
to actually place the graphically
 designed Bible verse right in my Bible.
I have decided that Bible Marginalia 
is not necessarily only about creating
 my own art additions.
Nothing better than the work in these small squares- 
simply print off, and back with scrapbooking paper
 and add in with washi tape.

Simple to flip up to read beneath the add-ins.
A quick glance and the words are brought to memory again.

This is my Bible that I have been using 
for over 15 years.
Enjoying the visual additions here. 
Spending time in my journaling Bible-
more on that in future posts.

Here is the site where you can sign in/subscribe
 to the Freebies section on Ann's blog
 to get the Bible verses.
 I probably will not do very many
 books of the Bible this way-
(just so I can still close my Bible)
but is has certainly been a gift in the reading of 
the Gospel of John.
My Journey. His Way.

(More about the tabs in a future post)


  1. love this idea, so good for people who don't feel they can draw. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. We are forming a small group at Concordia, Conover and will dive into this. Thank you for sharing . I would like to use your blog posts to inspire and encourage our efforts.

    1. That is wonderful! Let me know if there is anything I can do to be a helper or an encourager...

  3. Hi, what Bible do you have in these pictures? Thank you!! Christelle

    1. This is a 20 year old Women's Study Bible..... think they still have them but a bit different


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