Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bible Marginalia- Praying the Scriptures

#5 in the Bible Marginalia Series

Looking at what is connecting for me in the
scriptural discipline of 
Bible journaling.

Finding that I like to add in copies
 of the visual prayers 
that I make and send
 to those in our ministry connections.
 I have copies of them all in a photo album,
 but wondered what it WOULD LOOK LIKE-
if they were also added
 in at the exact spot of reference in my Bible.

The index card prayer becomes
 an additional layer
 on the years of looking at specific texts.

The note on the back of these index cards-
explains that we have prayed
 this Scripture over the family.
They are "lifted up- to the Lord."
Reading God's Word as a prayer, 
a conversation,
 puts me in the right place for response.
 God's invitation is always first-
prayer- my response- follows.

Since learning about the tool
 of visual prayer from Sybil MacBeth,
my prayer life as been very blessed.

Her book- Praying in Color
was really a catalyst to give myself permission
 to add in the visual part to my Bible time.
 And as an educator,
 I know that kinesthetic action- movement- 
puts this into a different place in our memory.
 What we manipulate, move, touch,
 write, draw- is "added in" differently.
It also affects our ability for better recall.

Adding the prayers right into my Bible
 nudges me to continue to pray for the names
   as I page through my Bible.
 Perhaps, a bit more in learning-
to pray continually.

This book is a helpful tool
 to read more about 
praying the Scriptures.
 Here- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
gives some helpful guidelines
 from his own life lessons with this discipline.

Engaged with the WORD.
Truly the gift that Bible Marginalia
 brings to heart renovation.

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