Monday, November 3, 2014

Bible Marginalia-A Loyalty Pledge

#26 in the Bible Marginalia Series

I attended worship at a
 neighboring church this weekend.
For a very special celebration.
The Baptism of Jacob Edward Loftus.
Parents- John and Casey Loftus
Grandparents- Greg and Lee Berson
Jay and Debbie Loftus

The pastor who had baptized mom- Casey-
 was visiting for the 50th Anniversary 
at Messiah Methodist in Springfield, VA.
 Ruth 1 was one of the readings
 for yesterday in this service.

Bishop Chamberlain was able to participate
 in the Baptism for Jacob.
 I like the Loyalty Heading-
 a Loyalty Pledge.
The baptism of our children is a reawakening
 of our own Baptismal Grace.
It is reminder of this HIGH CALLING
 that we have as
Christian parents.
of seeing our Children Home-
 to heaven.

It is a covenant among faith-people
 in community
to do WHATEVER it takes
 to help teach this child to walk 
in "THE WAY."

May the Lord grant 
rich supplies of all grace,
 and all LOVE in this young family
 that YOU claim.

And Happy Birthday today- 
November 3 to mom Casey.

Scrapbooking alphas
Sharpie fine-point non-bleeding 
Colored pencils


  1. What a nice way to commemorate this special day.

  2. Connie, this is an amazing, wonderful page! Love all the key points of Ruth .


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