Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bible Marginalia-Obey, Remember, Tell the Story

 Bible Marginalia #33

Somehow after reading Joshua, 
I have not ended up doing the journaling 
in chronological order.
The Spirit calls in His order.
Joshua 2
Mulling over the story of 
Rahab and the Spies.
A woman who was SEEKING the heart of God.
Hearing the stories of this GOD OF WONDER.
Who had REVEALED His desire for the 
inhabitants of the land.
Who BLESSED the people
 who followed after His leading.

 Chapter 3 and 4
Israel Crosses the Jordan
The 12 Memorial Stones

The people OBEY the God of Israel.
The Lord will be with Joshua
 as He was with Moses.

It is important for you to
 REMEMBER this story.
Do this as a helpful sight to
 enhance your storytelling-
that there may be a sign among you.
So that when your children ask-

 This is what the two page lay-out looks like.
Simple, and a few words 
condense the take-away for ME.

Square punch
Circle punch
Fine-point Sharpie marker
Colored pencils

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