Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Creative Haven- Northern Virginia

Sharing the work of Beth Skipper
 who joined us at Creative Haven this last gathering.
We met in the Journaling Bible
 online community on Facebook. 
She lives in the Northern Virginia region.
 Getting together was doable. 
So a few messages back and forth and it was planned. 
"Come and join the group that is gathering in my home!"

We have been gathering with neighbors
 and friends for over three years now.
Stations set up around the house.
Veteran creatives and interested newbies
 are welcome too.
At work in the studio-
 bring what you want to work on,
 and use any of the supplies on hand here.

What color marker or pen do you want?

A spot for some fun fall crafting- 
 a pumpkin or two.

Some Bibles to view
 and grab a name tag.
So we can call everyone by name.

Watercolor station and making Bible tabs.
(sorry for the blur)

Stamping center-
 make a Thanksgiving card or two.
Or use any of these materials
 for what you are doing for Bible Journaling.

Mary Moore has been experimenting
 with making her own rub-ons.

Great to have a resident expert to help us out.

Deshua's beautiful hand lettering.

 The youngest ladies in attendance
 are 3rd and 6th graders-
 coming over to hang out with mom.

It is a Creative Haven-
for neighbors, friends, and 
new friends.

Come and make what is your
"heart happy" for the evening.
Visit, and sip some hot apple cider.
Learn a new technique.
Be encouraged to "keep going."
And most of all-
for all He has gathered

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  1. I so miss those get togethers, Connie you are so gracious and loved seeing my old friends~ If you all want a winter getaway come to my studio in Palm Bay FL for a weekend, would love to have you all here. LOVE


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