Monday, January 26, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Dividing Up Space

Bible Marginalia Series-#52

One of the most challenging things
 for new Bible Journalers is 
  figuring out how to "get started"
 with the blank margin.
Some basic space dividers
 can be helpful to see how
 the words or image 
to be journaled can be divided.
I remembered that I had purchased
 a box of labels quite a few years ago
 and it was still hanging out in the "gift box."
 Probably was a Ross, T.J Maxx
 or Tuesday Morning purchase
 on clearance at deep discount.
This is what the label box looks like:
Chronicle Stationary

The work of Angela Adams
 can be found here-

Pinterest board

Found here for a bit better price:

From a previous post-
 here are labels from
 Martha Stewart for Avery
 found at Staples.

(currently out of stock on-line) 
but you might find them in your local store.
 They can be found on Amazon-

(also currently out of stock on-line)
but look in local office supply store.
They can be found on Amazon-

Simple ways to put your 
connections in the Word-
in the margins.

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  1. I believe God led me to this site tonight and it has lifted my heart from leaning towards feeling a little down. I've been browsing and reading the blogs for each day and taking notes on each one they were so straight from God to me. Your writers are amazing and if it wasn't so late I would probably still be reading them but I got little sleep last night and I need to get my BSF done tomorrow. I am on another Bible journaling group right now and have always loved art but I thought i could never do that so I didn't even try. But I've been practicing and getting all kinds of supplies and some books to get my thought and ideas moving around in my head, books on lettering and whimsical art, all kinds. And I am loving it and can spend half the day just in our guest room where I set up a card table and play. I'm 64 now and was what you call a young 64 until about 4 years ago when my back started giving out on me. I had to quit working because when I bent over I was having a LOT of trouble standing back up. After 2 surgeries to fix my pinched nerves and get rid of my sciatica I didn't have to use a cane anymore. After my last surgery a year ago my neurosurgeon straightened out my spine, scoliosis runs in my family and mine was getting worse and I had constant pain but to make a long story shorter I still have constant pain but my spine is now straight with rods and a few screws etc. I noticed you do a verse a day? But is it more like actual studying and letting God speak to you and then illustrating what you heard from God during your prayer time or what stood out and touched your heart? The one I am in now is once a week and there are some real artist, that actually sell their art on their FB site. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I love your site and got so much out of it tonight reading through several sections. God bless you and all of the other ladies that make this site what it is.


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