Friday, January 9, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Do you want to be healed?

  Bible Marginalia Series- #45

The first day of 2015 started out with trekking
all over Jerusalem.
One of the places visited was the pool of Bethesda.
The story of where Jesus
 asks the man who had been there for 38 years-
"Do you want to be healed?"
 Simple enough.

 Nothing changes Bible reading
 more than having the picture in my mind 
of exactly where this story took place
 in Jerusalem.

The significance of the words- 
"up to Jerusalem".
 Though Jerusalem was south of the Galilee,
 it was uphill all the way.

Taking the story
 and adding the notes broken into sections.
Colored pencils define the breaks.
Sheep gate- 
where the sheep 
were washed in purification rites
 for sacrifice.

Jesus was in full-healing mode.
 He had just been in Cana in the Galilee, 
and healed the Capernaum official's son.
From Cana.

His healing power
 transcends physical presence. 

The story is being revealed
 in this Jesus who is Equal with God.

And He interrupts my daily struggle 
to bring these words of healing-
"Get up, MAKE YOUR BED, 
and walk into your day- WITH ME.
I bring soul-healing."

Colored pencils 
Fine-point Sharpie marker-non-bleeding

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