Friday, January 30, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Using What you Have

Bible Marginalia Series- #55
Such a story- how the disciples dropped everything.
 Listened to the call of "Follow Me."
And life as they knew it was over.
All in.
A fishing boat is a beautiful symbol
 of this life transformation.
This was on the bulletin cover
 for this past week's worship service.
 I loved the graphic
 and the font for the Mark 1:17 verse.
 It did not fit in the size of the margin.
It is not always about drawing,
 or even doing the lettering for the Bible Journaling.
 So I experimented with the waxed paper deli sheets.

Painted a thin coat of Acrylic Dove Gray.
Let it dry. Added the torn image and Bible verse.
Secured with double sided sticky tape.
Found alpha stickers in the "stash".
(Dabbed a  tiny bit of Matte Mod- Podge
 on the stickers as that helps
 the stickers for long- term handling.)
Added some outline dots
 with a Signo Uni- ball-um 153 pen.
Secured it in my Bible with washi tape.
This is the back side- 
ready for an addition for this side.
 Left the "pinked" edge- just liked it that way.
Quick, easy and graphic.

 You will have plenty of deli paper
 to share with friends-
 it comes in a pack of 500.

Here are the pens-
 I ordered them in mult-pack
 to share in community
 at a much better price.


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