Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bible Marginalia - For "Non- Artists"- 2

Bible Marginalia Series- #47

So this is another post on some things
 that might help you if you are curious
 about Bible journaling or really loving the process,
but don't consider yourself an ARTIST.

Don't tell me to draw 
wheat and a cluster of grapes WITHOUT
giving me some help here.

Was cleaning out some books
 over the summer and thankfully
 kept a book that has been 
really helpful in this journey.
 (It does help when your husband
 is a pastor in a liturgical denomination-
 and keeps books.)

This is the book that I have-
but it now looks like the one below.

 This is the one currently on Amazon. 
Here is the Amazon link for used copies-

The symbols are easy to trace over
 to add to Bible journaling pages.
 Other suggestions have been to use a
 light box that crafters use, 
your personal iPhone can also be used, 
(though not sure how good
 that is to trace over the face of your phone)
 and Goggle images can be found
 and printed that will work very well also.

I plan to take my book apart-
( the binding is pretty well gone anyhow)
 and punch holes so that the pages
 can be taken out to use
 for occupying right and left side easily.

Remember the only rule about Bible Journaling is:

Copying, tracing, stickers, stencils, rub-ons-
all work.
If you are copying the work of another person-
 it is grand to give credit. 
You can note the credit
 of their original work on your page,
 and if you have a way of contacting them-
 ask for permission.

The world of Pinterest has opened up
 the discussion of "property rights"
 and early on in the Bible journaling community
 everyone was great about sharing the permission.
 I think it is pretty well the standard-
 if you are not selling the work as your own,
 or taking credit for the original idea.

Hope this helps to get you started
 or move you along in this Faith Journey
 of spending time reading, praying,
 and meditating on God's Word.

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