Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bible Marginalia- In the Pit

Bible Marginalia Series- #46

The year 2014-
was closed out in Jerusalem.
The parties and celebrations
 are a Western thing.
I quietly met in the hotel 
with my new friend- Hadassah.

Earlier in the day, 
we spent time walking all over Jerusalem.
In the area of the house of Caiaphas,
possibly where they held Jesus.
I have been blessed to read Psalm 88 there
 two different visits.

When a soul cried for comfort.
Where our Jesus knew despair.
When life was overwhelming.
Where a heart struggled for help.
When the walls closed in.
Where our Lord knew darkness.
When the soul was full of troubles.

Time to end this year and 
all the lists, 
unfulfilled hopes and dreams
and close the door.
To come up out of THE PIT.

To reach the hand that stretches 
toward me-
that has walked the walk.
 can only BRING LIGHT.

May you be reminded each and every day-
That Jesus left the PIT.
To take it all to the cross-
for YOU and ME.

Colored pencil
Washi tape
Fine-point Sharpie marker-no-bleeding

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