Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Add ins

Bible Marginalia Series- #56

This verse in Thessalonians
 is one of my ministry mottos.
I added a simple rub-on to the margin awhile back.
Later added the simple tangles around the verse.

I spent time reading
 and rereading this ONE page.
Paul's description of the coming of the Lord.
 His take heed admonitions.
 His final instructions are all worthy
 of a margin side bar highlight.
I didn't want to miss the nuggets here.

I found a piece of journaling paper-
(from the stash purchased years ago) 
and wrote pieces of the verses.
One one side.
And the other side.

 I created an "add-in"-
 simply by attaching with washi tape
 in the gutter of the Bible.
(Gutter is the margin 
on the bound edge of a book.)
I applied the washi tape on both sides of the page.

There are lots of online helps
 with doing add-ins.
I usually make it up as I go.
I do have concerns
 with adding in extra pages to my Bible.
I want my Bible to "close."
But, since I am working with a "no-rules" policy,
 I plan to use them when needed.

For the blessing of seeing words that 
challenge me to live life fully-
 because the One who calls me is faithful.


Timeless Transfer rub-ons
The rubs on come in a pack of 5.
 This is the best price I have found for them-
 usually they are $3-$4 per sheet.
 The shipping is rather steep- 
so find some friends
 and order multiples and share the shipping.

These work very well especially 
if you are doing Bible Journaling with children
 as they are easy to use and help to make a "successful" page.


I liked this packet-
 as the paper is subtle in coloring 
and works well for stamping in the margins
 and for creative letting also.

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