Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Pages of History

Bible Marginalia Series- #59

Was following up a wonderful Bible study
 this week with a great group of faith sisters.
And shared a bit about praying in color,
 praying the Scriptures,
 and how this leads to writing in the margins-
 Bible Journaling.

I loved seeing this page in Faith's Bible.
I'd asked permission
 to take a photo and share it with you.
 The Psalms laid right open-
whole heart and whole soul.
A smaller Bible, well-worn.
With the history of life all over God's Word.
The tiny tree by the stream for Psalm One.
Underlined. Highlighted.
My friend Faith is a real artist.
She draws things 
and you know what they are.
She has a gift for sharing-
 and often gives us notecards
 with her beautiful drawings.

Her Bible is history-
captured moments connecting Scripture.
Intersections of His grace-
 in the real days of life.

Perhaps, Faith will look
 into a Journaling Bible.-
with wide margins.
But, I believe she has been 
journaling all along.

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