Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wadi Qelt- Into the Desert- Israel Pilgrimage-2

Wadi Qelt is desert land
in Israel.
 It runs west to east across
 the Judaean Desert in the West Bank, 
originating near Jerusalem
 and terminating near Jericho,
 close to the Dead Sea.

On this hazy day there were 
golden glinting hills in the distance.
There were distinct pockets of 
tiny oasis with dots of green on the hillsides.
Our tour guide told us in all the years of 
leading groups here, 
he had never seen it so green.

 We could see sheep lined up
 on the slopes in the distance. 
Wadi Qelt is home to a 
unique variety of flora and fauna.
 This area has been identified with the 
biblical "Perath" mentioned in 
Jeremiah 13:5.

It was actually almost a surreal setting.
When I  closed my eyes and opened them--
 it felt like I had moved off the planet earth.

This is the reality of where
 Jesus went off into the desert.
By himself.

If I am having a challenging day-
feeling "DESERTED",
I can remember these hills.
 I know that Jesus has walked
 these miles of ups and downs.
In these hills Jesus experienced set back,
heartache, and times of misery.
He walked this landscape of desolation-
to meet me in my "desert times".

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