Friday, March 20, 2015

Bible Marginalia- 2 page Layouts

Bible Marginalia Series- #76

I wasn't sure what to call this post.
It deals with consecutive pages
 in the book of Isaiah. 
2 margins face to face.

But, the reality is this wan't a planned out 
"styling" of  what a "layout" looks like.
It was just a matter of hanging out
 in the same verses-
over a number of days.

But, that said,
It helps to choose colors 
 and a style that work well
 as one visual statement-  
 to make the colors ease into each other.
Bright or soft.
The added- in pieces connect visually.
It makes one "story"
 in the margins of my Bible.

This was the first margin work.
I was using some printables for the wording.
It is talked about in the post below.

This page I added a stamped paraphrase verse-
Isaiah 40:29-31
some stamping and finished the page 
with a short prayer and highlighted verses.

The tip-in was also a printable-
placed on scrapbooking paper.
Adding it in with washi tape.

So the time spent here--
reminders to Connie-
God holds my hand.
Don't be afraid.
He will strengthen me.
He will HELP me.
I will soar.


 Stamp and ink
colored pencils
Sharpie fine point pen
flat dimensional
additional supplies
 on post shared previously.

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