Monday, March 9, 2015

Harod Spring- Israel Pilgrimage- 2

The Harod Spring-
the story of Gideon and his men
 and the battle with the Midianites.
Hard Spring is at the base
of Mount Gilboa 
on the southeastern side of the
Jezreel Valley.

This story is a 
 reminder of how quickly
we will take credit
 for good and well things.
For a win.
Any great accomplishment 
is certainly the will of our great GOD.
The credit is due HIM.

 This section is a bit confusing 
about how Gideon chose his men.
The verses seem a bit confusing.
Nonetheless- it was the system that God used
to reduce Gideon's army
 to a ridiculous small army of 300.
That is going into battle at 450 to 1.
 Israel had long been 
oppressed by the Midianites.
Gideon was now leading 300
valiant men into a battle with unbelievable odds-
because that is what God asked him to do.
A reminder to us when the odds look outrageous.
Working in the realm of God's will brings us 
unimaginable power.
Encouragement for TODAY.

This story was journaled in this post-

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