Sunday, March 1, 2015

Nazareth- Israel Pilgrimage- 2

The city of Nazareth. 
 Today Nazareth has two sections.
Upper Nazareth or Nazareth "Illit"
 is where the majority of Israel Jews reside.
Lower Nazareth is where the
 Israeli Christians and Muslims live.
Current population is about 70,000.

Nazareth is known as the Arab capital of Israel.
The population is made up 
predominantly of Arab citizens of Israel,
almost all of whom are either 
Muslim (69%) or Christian (30%).
In the New Testament, 
the city is described as the 
childhood home of Jesus.

Well known in the city of Nazareth is the
 Basilica of the Annunciation.
On our trip we chose to visit a smaller- less busy site.

The Church of the Archangel Gabriel
 sits less than a mile away from the Basilica.
It is a Greek Orthodox Church.

Beautifully decorated.

The church has a grotto where an ancient spring
 is located that would have been the likely spot
 where Jesus and his mom- Mary, came to draw water.

Nazareth is built on the hills.
The cross marks Nazareth too.

Nazareth- at the time of Jesus
 was an insignificant village of maybe 200 people.
No wonder people said-
"Can anything good come out of Nazareth?"

It was interesting to us that our tour guide
 told us that it is not uncommon
 for Israeli Jews to refer to 
Christians as Nazarenes- followers of Jesus-
 from Nazareth.
Sometimes we think we are known one way-
guess it is good to ask.

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