Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Hosanna!

Bible Marginalia Series- #81
on this page-
 So many images and story pieces.

The Triumphal entry.
The grain of wheat.
 The son of man glorified.
The Son of man lifted up.
 The troubled soul of Jesus.
 The Light- We have the light.
Walk in the LIGHT.
So that darkness does not overtake us.
And even though Jesus
 had done many things among them- 
they still did not believe in HIM.

Tried a stencil fern frond.
Then tried stamping fronds near them.
Didn't work so well.
But you can see there are fern fronds.

Received a gift box in the mail
 with some new paints to try.
Made a spray box and placed paper towels- 
on the facing page and under this page
 to protect it from spray.

A little challenging to control the spray-
 part of it came out in a big blob.
Under the Walk stamping.
Dapped it quickly to pick up some of the color
 and it ended up drying translucent.
Great- I wanted to be able to see the words yet.

The next image I wanted
 to add to this page was 
WALK in the LIGHT.
John 12:35


Alpha stamps and ink
Fine-point Sharpie pen
Colored pencils
Smooch Spray- River Mossy


  1. Would you like to know where this concept originated. Visit my Pinterest page "Bible Art by Vicky Murphy" and watch the video from 1990.

    1. great as we find each other to offer encouragement


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