Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Playing Card Add- Ins- 2

Bible Marginalia Series- #86

A very simple page using some Helps.
Ezekiel dealing with a time
 when the people did not have regard
 and honor the holy name of the Lord.
The holiness of the Lord's name
 had been profaned among the nations.
verse 26- I will give you a new heart 
and put a new spirit within you.

Lord, forgive us today- 
for we too have not kept your holy name.
We have defaced your honor.
Give us a new heart- 
and live new in spirit in us.
That the world might see YOU in US.

Added in a Dollar store playing card
 with washi tape.
Printed a verse that went 
with this section of Scripture
 from my Pinterest board.
(My daughters did this for me-
so can't tell you EXACTLY 
how this works-
 but it is then sized perfectly
 for a playing card.)

For a section that is longer 
and I know I can't do all 
the font and writing in the space-
 this is a great way to highlight the verse
 I am spending time with in my Bible Study.
 I added 2 pieces of square-punched
 card stock on the side
 with the suit and card number 
and just used double sided-sticky tape
 to add the verse.
Also used some easy flat pieces
 to highlight this section.

square punch
playing card
butterfly punch
 and recycled greeting card
doily piece (Michael's)
paper flags (Michael's)
colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie marker

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