Friday, April 17, 2015

Prayer-Martin Luther's- Evening

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A prayer to commit to memory.
 Bless your family by saying this 
as part of your prayer liturgy for eventide.
 Or it may be the close of day
 tucking littles into bed. 
Or perhaps it closes out
 a family meal at night.
 Or the whisper heart prayer
 as you close your eyes at night.

I thank You, my heavenly Father,
 through Jesus Christ,
 Your dear Son,
 that You have graciously kept me this day; 
and I pray You to forgive me all my sins 
where I have done wrong, 
and graciously keep me this night.
 For into Your hands I commend myself,
 my body and soul,
 and all things.
 Let Your holy angel be with me, 
that the wicked foe
 may have no power over me.

Martin Luther's Evening prayer
 can be found here:
(sorry- could not get it to be less fuzzy)

And sometimes Martin Luther just
sums it up so well...

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