Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Bleed-Through Helps-2- Envelope Wraps

Bible Marginalia Series- #91

I see from the posts that get
 a lot of traffic that many are looking
 for help with bleed-through issues
 in their Journaling bible.
(have learned that it is really called -
So I wanted to share with you
 all a very simple HELP.

I hadn't even heard of them before.
Apparently a really cute way
 to send snail mail.
I came across them in an Amazon feed
 buying another item.
I purchased a set to see how they worked. 
It was hard to tell if they were really
 the right size or not.
They are perfect for my Bible.

Here is a 2-page spread using some from the same set.
They are self adhesive and the size fits exactly in my 
Crossway single column ESV journaling Bible.
(One of the Bibles you can hardly find right now.)

Tried to find the link for this exact one.
They don't seem to have this one right now- 
but this is similar.

This one has the cute border
 and flowers all ready to go.
I just added in nuggets from what I was studying.
Some stern warnings here to the hypocrites
 about observing traditions 
with the same honor as the Commandments.

This section in Matthew- 
the discussion of what defiles a person.
The writing does not go through to the other side-
 even using a Fine-poing Sharpie pen 
which does have some bleed-through.
It also did not affect the journaling
 on the other side of the page.

Here this worked quickly and simply in Isaiah.
Some of the wraps in the packet 
have words like- SEND TO, etc.
I plan to just cover that with washi tape
 or stickers 
or something
 and will still be able to use
 all of the wraps in a set.
Envelope wraps

This comes from a chalkboard set.
 Apply. Stamp- Remember This!
and He is Faithful lettering!
Simple and DONE.
Blackboard envelope wraps

This was from an earlier post.

So another simple and doable way 
to deal with margin bleed- through.
Order packets with friends
 and share the different designs.
And a great help to the NON- ARTIST.

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