Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Going Horizontal

Bible Marginalia Series - #93

In Daniel Here. 
Thinking about living counter- cultural-
 no matter the cost.

The beginning of the time of
 dream interpretation.
 Not too sure of the future ahead.
 Living in a land-
 where the majority did not follow the Lord.
Thinking about how that just might
 mirror living in the world today.

But, our God is to be blessed forever-
 after all- 
He is the one that changes times and seasons.
 He is kind of a BIG DEAL.

Here is one done in Advent Blue.

I like lettering in the margins in the horizontal.
Most of my margins are about lettering anyhow-
 since I can't draw worth a hoot.
 I simply draw 4 wavy lines across the margin.
Then begin lettering to fit the space-
lots of good examples out there.
 I have been doing this for scores of years- 
just because I generally 
like what it ends up looking like.
 In other words- 
I find this easy and very forgiving.
You can mix up small and capital letters. 
You can have your lettering
 reach the top - or NOT.
You make up the rules.
 Then I like experimenting
 with coloring in the spaces. 
 Some times all one letter are a certain color. 
 Sometimes I just pick 4 colors
 and use them in order. 
The previous post
 also show a horizontal margin.

This one has lines drawn to fill in with color
 and added lines in the spaces.
Also a simple way to mix it up a bit.

Try switching the flow of your writing-
 you might be surprised
 what comes out of a series of words.


Mostly colored pencil
 and Black Fine-Point Sharpie pen


  1. Just found your blog. You have a pretty Bible. I've been painting God's Word in my journal since 2006. This year I found the Facebook group, and started painting on my Bible. Love it! Not many do this here in the Philippines, and it is too hard to find Bibles with wide margins. Have a great weekend! Patsy from

    1. Have been following your work for awhile Patsy - you have an amazing gift -- I love all of your Bible Journaling-- that is a real art gift--- but we each have different gifts--keep sharing what you do!


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