Friday, May 1, 2015

Bible Marginalia- He Lives!

Bible Marginalia Series- #87
Oh! the Joy that this sweet sentence Gives!
I know that My Redeemer Lives!

The words of Jesus to His disciples.
Three times- Peace Be With You!
In shock- they needed to hear it multiple times.
As I often do- Peace, Peace, Peace.
Simply the story for me on this page.
That became a prayer.
Praying the Scripture.
And a page that calls me 
to prayer with a glance.

This is a two page study....... 
showed the page on the right in this post.......

The deli paper flipped out- 
just added the cover 
from the worship bulletin from Easter Sunday
Dealing with the bleed-through in the margin area-
used an envelope wrap.
It is self adhesive and they are made
 the perfect size for the margins
 in the Journaling Bible.
Envelope wraps

The paint shown here is actually
 the acrylic paint from the front side.
 No extra paint was added for this flip out side.

Words here in the margin
 from the story of Jesus and Thomas- 
after the Resurrection.
Oh! to believe though we have not seen!
Some shadowing here from the other side,,,,,,
 but still worked well to finish this study.

Supplies for the left side layout work:
Alpha Stickers
 Typewriter key letters
Colored pencils
Black Sharpie non-bleeding pen

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