Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Creative Haven- Spring Collage

Catching up with some photos from
 a Creative Haven event a few weeks ago.

A little bit of fun with Easter card copies,
 doilies, vintage satin ribbon,
paper accordion whirls, tulle,
 rhinestones from Grandma D's stash,
and some fabric flowers, and bead dangles.

Here is a a bit of burlap, 
some of Grandma D's lace and rhinestone button,
 corrugated cardboard, felt flower cutouts, 
gold glitter butterfly,
 and vintage paper from a Spring Ideals magazine
 from about 50 years ago.

Tagboard butterfly, doily, vintage hymnal circles, burlap,
cross sticker, tulle, satin ribbon, Ideals magazine paper,
Grandma D's lace, paper medallion whirl.

Tulle, corrugated cardboard,
 vintage Easter postcard copy, 
satin ribbon, tagboard butterfly, 
sewing pattern flower, paper medallion whirls,
 burlap, vintage book cutouts,
Grandma D's rhinestone and lace.

The bases are tissue paper covered  
white foam display board. 
with a wire hanger.

always fun to see what comes out 
of a room full of "FINDINGS"

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