Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Gain and Forfeit

Bible Journaling Series  #99

A few years back I was doing a lot
 of writing for some graduate work
 and into the night would be the Toby Mac song 
that was connected to this Bible verse.
  I don't think I can read this-
 without hearing that song.

And maybe that is important 
that there is more than one sense
 connected to this verse-
 that it doesn't slip into long lost memory,
 or become covered up with the dregs
 of day to day living.
 This section comes when Jesus
 is having the conversation with his disciples
 about taking up His cross.
 Even now it serves as a a simple reminder-- 
that what the world says is gain- 
may be the forfeit of our soul.
Lord, may you always help me 
to keep the focus on the real worth in my life.

 Washi tape
 Colored pencils
Fine point Sharpie non-bleeding pen
 signo uni- white pen

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