Thursday, June 25, 2015

Container Gardening

A look at some container gardens
 in our yard.
This year--
loving some hot pink Angelonia.   
Trying a red tickseed coreopsis
This red angel wing begonia
 and sweet potato plant-
 I named her Greta.

New for me this year-
 trying Gerbera daisy in a pot.

Calla lily in a pot.
 White mandevilla to climb,
 sweet potato vine,
and Tradescantia pallida-
Purple Heart.
 These pots take morning 
and the late afternoon
brutal Virginia sun.
Some cleome giving height in a pot
 back by the garden shed.

In most of the pots 
are bits and pieces of vintage dishes and 
plates- just to add a touch of whimsy.
Just because I can't throw out the 
broken and unwanted fragments.
So- my house has become 
the drop off spot for a chipped or busted dish.
Still able to give delight-
even in the "not perfect"state.
A good reminder for an aging gardener-
the chips just may tell the story. 

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