Saturday, June 6, 2015

Creative Haven- Walking with the Lord

Creative Haven Gathering this morning.
Grandma Betty and her three daughters-
Jayne, Gayle and Stacey.
 And Stacey with her daughters-
 Ella and Ava.
 Three generations.
Creating a mini faithable booklet.

Tearing out the journal prompts 
and edging with Distress ink.
Setting up the pages with
stamping, layers of paper,
and a doodad here and there.

Started with a blank booklet.
Paper-Mache-Accordian Book

Coordinating scrapbooking paper attached
 with double sided sticky tape.

Each station ready with covered booklet and 
papers in a file folder.
Tape, Scissors, and a tag or two.

 A place to tell the STORY.
of God's faithfulness to each of us.
A place to add the reflections.
The God intersections
 in this life here on earth. 
Knowing that each time family
 sets aside gathering time-
it moves the sacred 
into the  breath of everyday.

And we find that a bit 
of FAITH STORY living
 transcends as gift into our memory.
Not meant to be complicated.
But a simple rendering of touching
 the meaning of 
here and now.
And at the same time 
the expectation of our eternal HOPE.

And we live till you bring
 us to completion,
 and we REMEMBER
(Washi tape and alphabet initials)

 The hands of Three generations
are meant to declare the 
Glory gathered round.
Adding vintage buttons, ribbon
 and a flower or two.

 And a 3 page handout- finished.
To take the TIME- 
to mark this moment, 
to give you praise, 
in the journey.

And we know Lord,
 that you have called your own-
Stacey Crosson
 to serve you here in this place- 
and declare you King of Kings-
 from one generation to the next. 
May the Lord bless you ALL.

Notify me by email
and I will send you the pdfs
for this project.

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