Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Oh Obadiah!

Bible Journaling Series #111

The Day of the Lord is Near-
Obadiah- the shortest book in the Bible.

Theme here-
 That we find our Hope
 in being His People 
when the restoration 
of all things COMES.

Used a banner-bunting stamp
 that I found on a great resell
 "2nd Chances" table
 at this store in High Point, NC in May.
ink paint stamp

Wrote some of the main points
 around the banner burning.

This holds the prophecy of living
 in a self-serving manner.
Place ourselves under God's authority.
Subject our appetites to His purposes.

Obadiah - worshipper of Yahweh.
This page has the "bleed-through"
 of the stamping on the above page.
Decided to use the same style 
and write the notes around the bunting.
This book tells the judgment upon Edom.

Do not think yourselves greater than you are.
Pride goes before destruction.

Simple outlay of instruction.
Challenging to live with pride in check.
Much to pray about personally and as a nation.

I  enjoy looking at a whole book
 of the Bible at a time.
Obadiah is a great place
 to start with the 2 pages.

Stampin' Up Ink-
Bunting stamp
Colored pencils
VersaCraft- Chiffon- Water-based Pigment Ink
(Did not bleed through 
and was able to use other colors
 on the back of the page)
Fine-point Sharpie non-bleeding pen


  1. Hi, my name is Margie Amason. I live in Poplarville, MS, yes, all the way down South! I am a 68 yr old mother of 5 (one adopted step daughter}, grandmother of going on 21, great of 8 and 1 in the oven until Dec. My husband and I have been living and working for Jesus for 34 years now. I was raised Catholic, but now am Pentacostal; BIG difference. But, my theory, as I have learned along the way, that we are all God's children; you know the song: Red,and yellow, black, and white, Catholic, Baptist, Pentacostal, etc. we are PRECIOUS in His sight! I love your site. I am new to Bible Journaling. I have never seen a bible with the margis open like that. I started one downloading pretty pictures of backgrounds and some accent pieces. I love the Lord so very much. You see, Dale, my husband, and I were "in the world". Long story, but I'll shorten and get to the point. Some ladies of our friends who were backsliders, use to come on Saturdays and visit me. So, after Dale & I married I promised I would come and I did AND< Praise , the first night I gave my life to Jesus and HE TOOK EVERYTHING WE DID [AND IT WAS A LOT]AND DID HIS MIRACLE WORKING POWER FOR US TO 'NEVER' DESIRE ANY OF IT AGAIN!!! One night! GONE! Sorry this is taking so long, but when I start, well, go figure! Thanks a lot for listening to me. Don't sound lke a 68 yr young lady, huh? God bless, you, your mom, and the others in your Bible Journaling time. Pray when we move closer to home, closer to the Gulf, that I can start one, too. Love, In Jesus' Name, Margie

    1. what a wonderful sister in faith that you are-- I praise the Lord for your witnessing heart of His goodness-- blessings to you and your family- if I can be of any help in starting your Bible Journaling Group - just let me know


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