Friday, July 10, 2015

Bible Marginalia-Freedom in Christ

Bible Marginalia Series- #109

A 4th of July page done this past week.
Looking at Freedom in Christ in Galatians 5:1.
Because Christ has set us free.
Therefore- STAND FIRM.
And do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.
Poignant thought in conversations this past week.
How do we move forward in freedom?

What practices are edifying
 that do not let us slip back
 into practices that lessen people? 
That is really the essence of the red, 
white and blue of the American flag.

More of the experiment with acrylic paints.
 The red paint is the Target paint
 that I am trying out.
The blue was a bargain bin paint at Michael's.
Folk art- the blue paint- I have used
 for years for crafting.
Didn't like the FOLK ART so much in my Bible.
It dried before I could get a very thin spread,
 and the shimmer didn't help for reading the words.
 An IG follower said that I could take water now
 and lessen some of the blue.
 Might be chicken to try that for fear
 of making a bigger mess.
Though this page may not be in a
 "favorite" category,
 it highlights red and white and blue
 for a celebration day.

With stickers and Alpha letters-
 it falls into the EASY To Do list.
But, remember- THIS Journaling Bible
 is an experiment in processes.
 Some work well-
 and others may NOT.
It is OK to have a page fail.
 It is OK to like part of the page,
 and not the WHOLE PAGE.
( I love the White dots on the back lettering.)
Listen to what is happening in your heart 
as you work in the margins.
 He speaks in the middle of the mess.

Ladybug Red Satin-
 Hand Made Modern Paint- Target
Fold Art Acrylic Paint Pearl Blue Taffeta
Flag and Heart Stickers- Stickopotamus- Michael's
Uni Signo White Pen
 Alpha Letters- Dollar Bins Target
 Fine point Sharpie- non- Bleeding pen
 Regular Black Sharpie marker
 Colored Pencils

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