Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blooming at the library

Walked in to pick up a library book.
Bright flower heads greet along the sidewalk.

This library branch will undergo an update soon.
Probably won't keep much
  of the perennial beds intact in the process.

Always hard to see beautiful things go away.
My comforting thought will be that the 
future flower adornments will be even lovelier.
Reminds me of the challenging
 and daunting upheaval
 that soul pruning makes in our lives.
We so LOVE to hang on to the present good- 
even at times to hang on
 for dear life to the known present.
Our Lord says to us--"Trust Me, 
I have something even better."

And I pray:
Lord, allow me to move through my days
 with the ability to seek the Good
 that you have in store for me.
On days where there is a lot of tearing up,
 dividing and tossing out of pieces of my life-
let me rest assured that you
 meet me in the new place. 
I give thanks that the very best in life
often comes right after a challenging
stretch of heart renovation.
What grace- that my Lord travels all the way

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