Friday, July 24, 2015

Michigan Adventure

We had set aside this past week for family time. 
It worked out that middle daughter
 and family were moving into a new house.
So... vacation time would be TOGETHER.
 Moving in. Ypsilanti, Michigan.
This keeps our streak in place -
moving at least one daughter
 every summer for the last 13 straight years.

New digs for the Schus.

Mr. Explorer.
Stroller Findings. Wiggle Sprinkler.
Computer Geek. Ice Cream!

Football. Down the Slide.
In the Swing. Cuddle time.

Selfies and Stills.

Out and About.

Ann Arbor Arts Fair
Chillin'. Doorbells.
Giggles. Biking in the Triathlon.
Time with Uncle Dan and Aunt Jess.

Worn out. Where's my hat?
Play with me in my little tent.

Feasting on surf and turf.

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