Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Oh, Elijah!

Bible Marginalia Series- #122
The Old Testament reading
 from worship this past week was
 1 Kings 19:1-18.
Mama and her girls 
had a Bible Journaling morning this week.
 We read the Scripture 
and marveled at the various phrases
 and words that stood out in
 "bold type" for each of us.
Same section of Scripture.
 Four very different margins and
"take aways".
Daughter One- 
an attentive God that takes care
 of our needs and He invites us to REST
and be strengthened for our work-
 from our REST.
(Washi tape, colored pencil, 
fern and Alpha stamps, Sharpie fine-point pen and Alphas)

Daughter Two-
 A Broom tree bloom
 reminds us to not rest on our own strength-
for the journey is too great.
 A sign of the Lord passing by.
(Washi tape, Prisma colored pencils, Zig memory pen,
Tim Holtz chit chat)

Daughter Three-
Not once but TWICE- 
an ANGEL touched him.
Not a normal day Elijah-
 you getting that by now?
(Arrow stamp, Target Acrylic paint, 
Rebekah Meier Mini Gothic Romance stencil,
colored pencil, Zig memory pen)

and Mama-
Oh, Elijah!
 You forgot the confidence
 you had in the Lord
 when you defeated the prophets of Baal.
Don't listen to the LOUD threat of Jezebel.
Remember how BIG your GOD is.
Often God's voice to us
 won't come in a big way-
 the earthquake, or the strong wind, or fire.
It might be a low whisper-
WE must have quiet time to HEAR 
the Whisper in the Whirlwind of LIFE.
(Washi tape, Heidi Swapp embellishment, chalk ink,
Alpha stickers, bird and arrow stamp, 
Tim Holtz Chit Chat, colored pencil, Staedtler pigment liner pen)

One section of Scripture.
Four margins.
All Grace, Goodness and Blessing.

When we gather-the FOUR of us.
Valuable. And not very often.
Marked by the Lord's touch to our hearts-
Praise and thanksgiving to the LORD.


  1. I love this SO much! When we meet for Bible study, I am always amazed at what others see in verses that I miss. Seeing this from your four perspectives is wonderful. Hope you get together and share with us again.

    1. Thank you! It is truly a gift when we are together- and the Lord does richly bless this time!


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