Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Something Completely Amazing

Bible Marginalia Series - # 126

Worship into the week.
The Old Testament reading this past Sunday.
 Sermon notes right into the Bible.
Later on- added borders, filled in coloring.

And just thinking about humble people.
Who will find JOY in the Lord.

And the Lord who is honored by lip service.
By people who are more concerned
 about the rules made by man-
than His commandments.

But, a loving God who says-
bring your hearts close to me-
AND I will again do 
wonderful things with this people-
with wonder upon wonder.

Our service bulletin version stated-
I am going to do something 
completely amazing for these people AGAIN.

So when I hit a wall
 and think the things on my list depend on me-
Get over it!
Step back and call on the Lord and His will 
to move and act.
 Join Him there!
And be ready to be
completely amazed.


  1. I think sermons are the perfect way to do Bible Journaling....carrying the thoughts through the week. I've let summer activities interfere and am always amazed how consistent you are, Connie. Another thought-provoking page from you!! :) TFS

    1. thanks Candice- it is a little bit of here and there- great when the Lord brings it together


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