Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Abundant Life

Bible Marginalia Series- #130

Abundant Life
He comes to bring us this very thing.
Soul Theme Living.
Right smack in the middle of the 
I AM the Good Shepherd verses.
I struggled with the margins for these pages.
So much that was meaningful here for me.

Supplies this page:
Washi tape
Alpha stickers
Die cut
Color on the margin was ghosting
 from the previous page

Then right into the story of the death of Lazarus.
The torn heart of Jesus.
But the words of hope for Mary and Martha-
speak just as much to me-
I AM the Resurrection and the LIFE.
Supplies for this page:
Envelope wrap for the margin base
Alpha stickers- tried a bit more modern spacing
Cross stamp- (Michael's)
Colored pencils
alpha stamps
Tim Holtz Chit Chat
Fine-point  Sharpie non-bleeding pen

The John 10:27-28 section
 is my Confirmation verse.
 Most of my friends had one verse.
 Guess they decided I might need TWO.
I didn't remember this as my confirmation verse
 for my early adult life.
What a joy to stumle across this about 15 years ago.
 It has been treasured ever since.
I decided to find a font I liked
 and just print it out 
and make a special spot for this as a tip-in.
Supplies for tip-in:
printed verse on paper
 Sharpie calligraphy pen
Die cuts
Washi tape
I put the verse on a piece
 of printed scrapbook paper 
and used the back to make notes of this 
Faith Event.

Wonderfully amazing to see what the Lord is 
allowing me to SEE in this style of 
study of His Word.


  1. just love your pages, I started bible journaling too and am loving it. Once I got past the study bible part, I bought a special bible to use just for my faithart. thanks for your inspirations and your love of Jesus, you are such an inspiration!

    1. Diane- well my pages continue to be a place to try out all sorts of materials and processes --so I pray that it is the story of all sorts of places of entry for people who want to try out writing in the margins- so happy to see your journey here too!

  2. What Bible do you use? I write in my Bible all the time BUT I love doing it this way!

    1. It is an ESV single column Journaling Bible from Crossways. It is a bit hard to find these days with the popularity of Bible Journaling. Some places still have them or you can order and wait. So other translations might be an easier find


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