Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Soul on Fire

Bible Marginalia Series - #127

Can't get this song out of my head.
 It plays on and on.
 Think this is my theme song for Bible Journaling, 
Marginalia, Illuminated and Illustrated FAITH.

So I went to the web, found the lyrics,
and printed them out. Put them on 
scrapbook paper and just washi taped 
that right into my Bible.
Think it is a sort of Spiritual Marker.
I taped this into the section of Luke 16:14
It does not matter what we do on the outside. 

It is the inside He cares to capture.
My posture?
I need to run for God's heart.
 I need to return to you again.

This section holds many truth applications.
One who is faithful in a very little,
 is also faithful in MUCH.
 You cannot serve God and money.
 No need to justify myself before God- 

Target Acrylic paint
 Alpha Stickers
Washi tape
Scrapbook paper 
 Punched paper heart
Sharpie Calligraphy pen-

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